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interview for Swarm Magazine: The Roots of Taste
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  Watter lilies, aquarelle, paper,
420 × 594 mm, 2023
                   Watter lilies, detail

  A tak žili ve šťastné homeostáze až navěky  
  And they lived in happy homeostasis happily ever after
  aquarelle, paper, 420 × 594 mm, 2023
A tak žili ve šťastné homeostáze až navěky  
And they lived in happy homeostasis happily ever after
infinite pattern,digital print on satin, 2023

Imagine a Breath of Fresh Air

Galeria Studio, Plac Defilad 1 PKiN, Warsaw  

Group exhibition with: BCAA System, Gabriela BK, Joshua Citarella, Mark Fridvalszki, Seana Gavin, Eva Jaroňová, Nam June Paik, Kinga Kiełczyńska, Diana Lelonek, Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt, Milan Ressel, Leon Romanow, Adéla Součková, Maja Smrekar, Superflux, Suzanne Treister, Ondřej Trhoň & Nela Pietrová✧ Curators: Jindřich Chalupecký Society curatorial collective (Barbora Ciprová, Veronika Čechová, Tereza Jindrová, Karina Kottová) and Paulina Olszewska (Galeria Studio)

Exhibition architecture: Krzysztof Skoczylas

Production: Ondřej Houšťava, Zuzana Šrámková (JCHS), Ewa Grzebyk (Galeria Studio)

Photo: Anna Zagrodzka

The group exhibition at Galeria Studio in Warsaw elaborates on the theme of visions of the future of our planet and the humankind on several levels. It involves projects by a number of Czech, Polish and international artists. Rather than the courage to embark on unrestrained utopian plans, today’s visions of our future are accompanied by anxiety and black scenarios. There will inevitably be a future, even if it is one after the extinction of our species. But perhaps there are more promising prospects after all.


 Svět prochází člověkem I
 The World Passes through Human
 aquarelle, paper, 420 × 594 mm, 2021
  Svět prochází člověkem II
  The World Passes through Human
  aquarelle, paper, 420 × 594 mm, 2021

 Svět prochází člověkem III
 The World Passes through Human
 aquarelle, paper, 297 × 420 mm, 2021

Flowerhead, acrylic, gouache, wooden board2, 2022

Carrier, aquarelle, paper, 2023

Potato Mama, acrylic, gouache, wooden board, 2023
Games, risograph Postcards, 2022

Svět prochází člověkem III
The World Passes through Human
risoprint, 2021
          Svět prochází člověkem IV, V
          The World Passes through Human IV, V
          aquarelle, paper, 210 × 297 mm, 2021

Nemůžu opustit sám sebe
I can'n abandon myself
aquarelle, paper, 297 × 420 mm, 2021
Sublimující tvář 
Sublimating face
aquarelle, paper, 297 × 420 mm, 2021
              Zkazky z temného lesa / Tales from the Dark Forest


Zkazky z temného lesa / Tales from the Dark Forest
Štěpán Brož, Eva Jaroňová, Tereza Melková, Gabriela Palijová, Anna Slama & Marek Delong 
curator: Veronika Čechová / Entrance Gallery / Praha / 2022

In Eva Jaroňová's drawings and prins, all the classical dualities that humankind has defined during its evolution are organically intertwined: the natural versus the artificial, nature versus technology, human versus other entities inhabiting the Earth, and the male versus te female element. however, in the scenes depicted this division is overcome and there is a symbiosis and close interconnection of all of the above. The scenes are reminiscent of references to fertility rituals, have a strong erotic charge and can be perceived as a sort of 21st century paganism.“

(Veronika Čechová, Tales from the Dark Forest)


Too Hot / Meetfactory / 2020



Too Hot / Meetfactory / 2020
artist: Eva Jaroňová 
curator: Eva Riebová
architecture: Heinich & Stibitz
photo: Tomáš Souček

"Eva Jaroňová’s exhibition of drawings and prints presents scenes full of black humor and sarcastic commentaries on contemporary times. This selection of older and newer works, portraying scenes as morbid as they are humorous, is situated in a setting staged by the architect duo Heinich & Stibitz.The architectural design divides the space into three areas, each of which complement the individual pieces of Eva‘s work."

(Eva Riebová, Too Hot)


Myceliem / Off Format / 2020

Myceliem / Off Format / 2020
artists:Anežka Abrtová, Eva Jaroňová, Marie Štefáčková
curators: Petr Kovář, Ondřej Navrátil

photo: Martina Schneiderová
 „In Eva Jaroňová's illustrations, the message is conveyed by catchy black humour; often drastic scenes of torture, death or sensual pleasure (which we don't necessarily take as the opposite). A contrasting watercolour delicacy accompanies the artist's revealing Freudian descent into the repressed layers of our imagery, into our frustrations, fears and desires, which is enhanced by the use of soft and flowing textile backgrounds. Motifs of mutually fertilizing plants, people watering garden beds with their own blood, or connecting orgiastically with vegetation, reveal beneath the sexual themes a narrative of the coexistence of man and nature, or more specifically, a very current effort to expand the traditionally perceived notion of being beyond humanoid appearance and structure of thought. „

(Petr Kovář, Myceliem)


Portraits, aquarelle, 2020


Hopeless Prospects

aquarele, paper, gouache, 2019

“Since time immemorial, humans have used nature. At a certain point, however,
they began to extract too much from it. The age-old cycle of circulating nutrients
was disrupted. Those who realized their sins decided to sacrifice themselves.
Nature will reclaim what belongs to it from those who remain.”
(From Eva Jaroňová‘s text “Hopeless Prospects”)


Hopeless Prospects, cardboard and riso print object, Bartr Budapest Art Residency,photo: János Szabó, 2019

Hopeless Prospects, zine, riso print, 
published by Hurrikan Press, 2019

Sexual Plants, aquarelle, gouache, Paper, 2019

Life in the present, aquarelle, paper, 2019

Paintings 2014 - 2018
gouache, aquarelle on cardboard

digitally manipulated paintings
2016 - 2018



Satin pillow, digital print, textile object, 2019 

Výjevy ze života světice / Scenes from the Life of a Saint
 digitální tisk na saténu, recyklovaný textil, instalace, Oblastní galerie Vysočiny v Jihlavě, (s terezou Bartůňkovou a Lucií Lučanskou), 2019

Myšlenky neživé hmoty
tužka na papíru
2016 - 2018

 Myšlenky neživé hmoty, tisk na papír, instalace, fesstival Lustr, 2019


z obalu na kazetu
tužka na papíru




 Loneliness, Hapiness, Kino ART Gallery, Brno (with Daniel Majling), 2015

Autorská kniha "Škůdci" / author's book "Creepy Crawlies"

publikovalo / published by: TIC, Brno, u příležitosti stejnojmenné výstavy v Galerii mladých, 
tisk / print: risograph, Kudlawerkstatt,2014

Škůdci / Creepy Crawlies
Kurátorka: Zuzana Janečková
Galerie mladých, TIC, Brno, 2014



Kresba z cyklu "V lese" / Drawing from the series "In the woods" 
Symposium "Na hranici" / "At the border"
 Šumava, Tummelplatz, 2013

Hororový komiks "Škůdci" / Horror comic book "Creepy Crawlies"
publikováno časopisem Živel / published in Živel magazine

Heaven, Hell, Paradise
Série perokreseb a akvarelů inspirovaných pobytem na Islandu / 
ink and aquarell, ispired by trip to Iceland

No Fun at All in the House of Dolls
2013 / 2014

Suicide Girls

Galerie Myšina, Brno
velkoformátová malba podchodu / mural painting

The End
olej na plátně / oil on canvas

Nástěnná malba v klubu Yacht a Mezzanine / s P. Kantorovou / mural paintings, 2013

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